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The hull and deck are made of sandwich with biaxial and unidirectional glass fabrics impregnated with vinylester resin. The core of the sandwich is made with PVC closed cell foam of different densities in different areas of the vessel. Carbon reinforcements will be placed in areas of high stress. The central part of the hull is made of monolithic FRP to improve the resistance to concentrated loads and to avoid delamination. The main reinforcement grid is made of galvanized high strength steel and, it supports loads of keel, shrouds en savoir plus and mast, making extremely secure the integrity of the entire craft, even in extreme conditions such as the grounding. Secondary structures are made of composite, reinforced with unidirectional carbon. The chainplates for attaching the rigging to the hull are made of stainless steel AISI 316. The finishing of the exterior surfaces is in white gelcoat with coloured hull stripes.

chantiers:Italia Yachts
Prix:Prix ​​sur demande
Tirant d'eau variable:non
Longueur:12.98 m
Largeur:4.16 m
Tirant d'eau:2.20 m
moteur:Diesel engine of 75 hp with sail drive
Marquage CE:A
Comments:The cockpit floor, the benches, the swimming platform and the upper part of the coaming are covered in teak planking of thickness 10mm. Teak on side deck and the top of the cpckpit roof is optional.

Couchette:Couchette: 0
Comments:All interiors and bulkheads are made of marine plywood of various thicknesses and veneered teak finish with high quality hand finish. The floor boards are made of plywood finished with teak veneer, while the front steps, door frames and some details will be laminated teak. Pillows and mattresses with different densities of foam-rubber and fabrics can be chosen by the owner. Every detail of the interior construction represents the know-how of the manufacturer.

Moteur, électricité
Comments:Diesel engine of 75 hp with sail drive transmission is mounted, 110hp engine with V-drive shaft line is an optional.

Comments:The keel is standard fixed-type with a “T” shape configuration, and is composed of a blade with a structural part in Weldox 700 and a torpedo. The upper part of the structure is constituted by a plate recessed on the bottom of the hull, connected to the metallic structure of the frame by means of stainless steel AISI 316 bolts properly tightened. The steel parts are protected with epoxy coat, fairings and wing profile are made of fiberglass female mold and glued to the structural part. The lead torpedo is with 3% antimony, is connected to the keel through vertical bolts. An “L” shaped configuration keel of 2.6 m draft is optional. Rudder

Comments:The transom is openable to allow access to the sea and the placement of the swimming ladder, the mechanism is driven by a suitable piston system. The swimming platform is covered in teak as well as the cockpit floor.

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