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Energy 18 Open - Prix ​​sur demande

We thought that building an electric boat today made sense so we came up with our own original design and concept of this 5.4 m “easy rider” the 18 Open. She offers great stability and comfort for 8 adults, which it is quite remarkable for a boat of this size. The Sliding Top option offers ultimate fl exibility by providing sun protection, easier boarding access or great sky views. Simply push it to the left or to the right as needed. The spacious cockpit with port and starboard side entrances, a beautiful adjustable wooden en savoir plus table and a drinks cabinet is fully customisable with numerous accessories and colours to truly personalise your boat. An optional custom bathing platform fi tted with a retractable ladder is available to make your boat even more versatile. The 18 Open features a unique hardtop system that can be raised or lowered in a matter of seconds to offer the ultimate in weather protection and security. The weather can change in a moment whilst enjoying your day out. Using the custom enclosure you can create a fully protected boat in a moment. Just roll down the screens and connect them to the boat and tension them using the roof controls and you are free to continue to enjoy your day. Roll them back up and you can enjoy the fresh air again. Combine this with a cockpit heater and you have a beautiful boat equipped for most days on the water.

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Type:Bateau à moteur
Prix:Prix ​​sur demande
Tirant d'eau variable:non
Longueur:5.50 m
Largeur:2.20 m
Tirant d'eau:0.40 m
Description:This boat is designed for nautical enthusiasts who enjoy peaceful, luxurious cruising.
Chantier naval:Alfastreet-marine
Capacité passager:8
Tirant d'eau maximum(cm):40 cm
Déplacement (ton):2 tonnes 1980

Couchette:Couchette: 0

Moteur, électricité
Capacité réservoir fuel (litre):12 litre
Vitesse max. (km/h):7
Vitesse de croisière (km/h):5

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Prix ​​sur demande

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