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Energy 23 Cabin - Prix ​​sur demande

To create a contemporary day cruiser, combining essential modern and classic design elements of the Baltic, Adriatic and Mediterranean, perfect for discovering the worlds extensive onshore and inland waterways. Whether searching for tranquillity or excitement, the stunning and meticulous lines of the 23 Cabin offers the stability, safety and power demanded by todays boating enthusiasts. Fitted with a refrigerator and galley, a spacious cabin with two seats and double bed as standard. The 23 Cabin also features a large rear bathing en savoir plus platform with shower and ladder, a sun deck with permanent high quality sunbathing cushions and our unique cabin ventilation roof. The 23 Cabin provides all the features and options required for a an enjoyable day trip. The 23 Cabin features a unique hardtop system that can be raised or lowered in a matter of seconds to offer the ultimate weather protection and security. The cabin version is fitted with the electric cabin lifting system. Raising the cabin roof with this fantastic feature allows greater headroom for those using the cabin whilst providing ventilation and even more light. A truly unique and multi benefit feature!

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Type:Bateau à moteur
Prix:Prix ​​sur demande
Tirant d'eau variable:non
Longueur:7.80 m
Largeur:2.42 m
Tirant d'eau:0.50 m
Chantier naval:Alfastreet-marine Alfastreet-Marine
Marquage CE:B
Tirant d'eau maximum(cm):50 cm

Couchette:Couchette: 0

Moteur, électricité
Nombre de moteurs:1
Puissance (cv):1x 300 hp 300 PK
Carburant:Petrol of Diesel
Capacité réservoir fuel (litre):270 litre
Vitesse max. (km/h):40
Vitesse de croisière (km/h):22-26

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Prix ​​sur demande

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