Owen Clarke one off Open 30 one off racer

Owen Clarke one off Open 30 one off racer - € 49,750

Owen Clarke Design first open design, Maverick is pictured above. She is an Open 30 as was defined by the RWYC rules at the time and was built for the RWYC Round Britain and Ireland Race in 1993. Designed, engineered and constructed by Owen Clarke Design in Plymouth, England, she was chartered that year and raced successfully by Ellen MacArthurï business partner Mark Turner.

This lightweight water ballasted speed machine was also conceived to cross the shallows of Ravenglass bar in the Three Peaks Race. It revolutionary en savoir plus lifting carbon keel could be raised along with itï twin rudders in order to be motored through the shallows at low water drawing less than 1m in order to deliver her team of fell (mountain) runners to drop them off and retrieve them from the second mountain stage of this famous and quintessentially British yacht race.

Designed Owen Clarke Design
Built Owen Clarke Design
Material Glass Carbon/Glass and Airex foam sandwich
Length 9.14m
Beam 4.04m
Draft Keel Down 2.28m fully raised motoring 0.7m
Sailing disp. 2400 kg
Spar Aluminium fractional rig (with masthead kites) by Atlantic Spars
Motor Yanmar 1 cilinder 2006

2x grootzeil
4x fok
2x spinnaker
2x geanaker

Refit 2012

Ref. N°.:1203034
chantiers:Owen Clarke one off
Type:Yacht classique
Prix:€ 49,750
TVA:TVA inconnue
Matériel:Polyester - Sandwich
Courtier en bateau:George
Tirant d'eau variable:non
Longueur:9.10 m
Largeur:4.05 m
Tirant d'eau:2.28 m
Description:Open 30,
Heerlijk snel schip met hefkiel en water ballast tank.
Ontwerp: Owen Clarke one design
moteur:Yanmar een cilinder
Couchette:Couchette: 6

Nom du courtier:George

prix: € 49,750




9.10 m


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