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The ICE 82 Racer-Cruiser is a highly exclusive product; the boat is designed for fast yachting. The design and built concepts are focused on the “all round” concept, the quality of our design and building methods will guarantee for a yacht capable to win in shore Maxi in the Med or Long Range Offshore. The hull shape is the product of our Computational Fluid Dynamic research, multiple geometries have been tested in order to achieve the optimum definitive Hull shape; for this reason we are sure the results will be rewarding. en savoir plus Finally the water lines define a large stern, powered up forward sections and a low mid section; her freeboard lines are sharp, slightly flared to achieve the correct equilibrium between form stability and wetted surface area. Form stability will contribute to the performance, sea keeping and handling characteristics that you could appreciate while cruising or racing.

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Ref. N°.:SI160172
Prix:Prix ​​sur demande
Matériel:Composite époxy
Courtier en bateau:Sea Independent
Tirant d'eau variable:oui
Longueur:24.00 m
Largeur:6.46 m
Tirant d'eau:3.20 m
Designer:Felci Yacht design
Chantier naval:ICE Yachts, Italy
:A high aspect ratio and lengthened central rudder produces will result in improved sensibility and response of the yacht. The design philosophy is prized by the construction method: the Yacht will be built out of infused carbon sandwich to maintain its weight under 30 tons. The deck is designed with a double cockpit layout; accordingly the interior is accessible by two independent watertight hatches. This option allows for two different interiors design options in line to the Semi-Custom Philosophy; where each boat will be unique based on the owner’s style. Option one places the owner’s “suite” at stern, providing a private office and independent “services”; while in Option Two, the owner ambient is shifted on the forward section, detaching the crew area from the living ambient. Both solutions will be in line with the High Tech concept mounting a Jacuzzi shower, workout cabin, and fittings as the Magic-Mirror. In this yacht, structural elements are fused to the interiors fitting, where components are mainly in composite. There will be the choice between “high-tech” interiors, with “structural” lacquered components or a classic one, with a light veneered sandwich of wood choice. The stylistic outcome of this approach is very interesting, characterised by few predominant materials and open to view structural components. This drives to an appreciation and feeling for the materials and, as an overall results, higher perception and appreciation of the craft you are utilising. The bonding element at stylish level in the ICE82 is the Light, emphasised by lucid surfaces, light colours and wide “open-space” ambient.
Déplacement (ton):30 Tons

Couchette:Couchette: 0

Moteur, électricité
Marque:Volvo Penta
Puissance (cv):190 HP
:LOA: 24 m LWL: 22.2 m B max: 6.46 m Draft: 3,2 m – 5 m Dspl: 30 T Main Engine: 190 Hp Generator: 13,5 Kw Construction: Carbon Sandwich Fuel : 1500 lt Tanks: 1000 lt Keel: Lifting

Gréement et voiles
Type de voilure:Sloop rigged
:Sail Plan: P: 31.0 m E: 9.8 m I: 31.3 m Isp: 33.3 m J: 8.44 m TPS: 11.52 m Mainsail Area: 190 m2 Genoa Area: 150 m2

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Nom du courtier:Sea Independent
Adresse:Grote Oost 24
Code postal:1621 BW
Téléphone:+31(0)229 279753
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24.00 m

Sea Independent

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Sea Independent
Grote Oost 24
1621 BW Hoorn

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