Nedship D 1000

Nedship D 1000 - € 19,800,000

The goal of this yacht is to deliver the ultimate and most reliable technology, combined together with a comfort blended to the luxury that is expected from the best European yachts. Our aim is to deliver a yacht which is 100% reliable in all functions, providing maximum safety and comfort. The Nedship D stands for Displacement, as we believe that more and more of our prospective clients want yachts with low fuel consumption. The yacht is designed to reach a very smooth and comfortable stay on board, both on cruising and on anchor. en savoir plus By using lightweight materials and a very efficient hull design, the yacht is becoming a very economical yacht with an interesting range of about. 2,100 nautical miles min at 11 knots. These numbers can be increased by adding extra tank volume and optimizing the last build specification indicated from the tank test. An additional advantage of this weight concept is that the yacht has a low draft, so that she is able to dock or anchor in a wider variety of beautiful bays and marinas.

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Ref. N°.:SI130210
Type:Superyacht à moteur
Nom:New Model
Prix:€ 19,800,000
Matériel:Composite époxy
Courtier en bateau:Sea Independent
Tirant d'eau variable:non
Longueur:46.80 m
Largeur:9.10 m
Tirant d'eau:2.30 m
Description:The yacht is designed to reach a very smooth and comfortable stay on board,
Chantier naval:TSMM/Nedship Group Turkey
Déplacement (ton):280 Tons

Couchette:Couchette: 0

Moteur, électricité
Marque:2 x C32 ACERT Caterpillar C-rating
Puissance (cv):2 x 970 kW
Vitesse de croisière (km/h):11 Knots

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Nom du courtier:Sea Independent
Adresse:Grote Oost 24
Code postal:1621 BW
Téléphone:+31(0)229 279753
Spécifications en PDF:PDF pour le Nedship D 1000

prix: € 19,800,000




46.80 m

Sea Independent

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Sea Independent
Grote Oost 24
1621 BW Hoorn

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