Van De Stadt Satellite 44 Custom Built Lifting Keel

Van De Stadt Satellite 44 Custom Built Lifting Keel - € 169,000

The result is a very stiff and light body, which gives her excellent sailing characteristics. The yacht has a retractable keel (hydraulic) with variable depth of 2.84 to 1.64 meters. She is the perfect boat to make long trips and sail to the Arctic. The interior consists of two spacious double cabins, two toilets with shower, a spacious galley, chart table, a comfortable U-shaped sofa and a bench alongside. The beech paneling makes the interior look bright and spacious. Under the cockpit is a large storage locker, where also en savoir plus a part of technical installation located. This storage space is also accessible from inside.

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chantiers:Van De Stadt Satellite 44
Seconde catégorie:Voilier
Prix:€ 169,000
Courtier en bateau:Bach Yachting
Tirant d'eau variable:oui
Longueur:13.30 m
Largeur:4.16 m
Tirant d'eau:1.64 m
Description:The 'Tyfoon' is a cruiser / racer designed by Satellite Yacht Design / Kees van de Stadt and professional built in epoxy and fiberglass.
Designer:van de Stadt Kees Van der Stadt / Sattellite Design
Chantier naval:One-Off
Forme de la coque:ronde round bilge
Couleur de coque:bleu
Couleur du pont:blanc
Pont (materiau):composite epoxy anti-skid
:164 cm
Cockpit:cockpit arrière
Cockpit ouvert:
Tirant d'air (cm):23 mtr
Déplacement (ton):9 tonnes 9125
Ballast (ton):4 tonnes 3840
Système de barre:contrôle extérieur
Safran:double balanced rudder
Type de quille:quille relevable Retractable keel (hydraulic) with variable depth of 2.84 to 1.64 meters.

:4 burner with oven (new)
Hauteur sous barreaux (cm):Standing head room 2.15m
Couchette:Couchette: 0 6
Rideaux: Upholstery dark grey, Floor: Esthec
Réservoir eau (l):approx 600 ltr
Réservoir eaux grises:
Douche:1 head with shower (RM69 Sealock pumptoilet)
Toilettes:1 yes
TV: TV: Flat screen TV (in closet and pull out)
Radio/lecteur CD:
Four:Stove: Force10
Réfrigérateur: Refrigerator: Coolmatic 115 liters RSD 115 (low consumption) / Icebox: Coolmatic 40 liters of CB-040
Chauffage: central heating Heating: Eberspächer Hydronic M-II, 10000kW (revised 2015) with radiator in head and storage locker and convector in forward cabin, Shower, Saloon 6x (3x in floor, 2x behind backrest, 1x galley

Moteur, électricité
Nombre de moteurs:1
Marque:VW Marine
Année du moteur:2008
Puissance (cv):1x 60 hp 60 Hp
Propulsion:hélice 3 blade Gori propeller with overdrive
Refroidissement:par échangeur intercooling
Capacité réservoir fuel (litre):300 litre
Jauge de réservoir fuel:
Speedomètre: yes
Indicateur de pression d'huile: alarm
Thermomètre: alarm
Batterie: Start Battery 12V: Optima AGM Redtop with separate charger/ 230Service batteries: 400Amph, AGM Northstar
Chargeur de batteries: Charger / inverter: XTENDER XTH- 5000-24
Voltmètre: yes
Ligne de quai:
Tension: 12V 12/220V

Navigation et électronique
Compas: at steering wheel pedastle
Loch/speedomètre: 2x Airmar NMEA2000
Sondeur: 2x Airmar NMEA2000 and Interface, Forward looking sonar
Feux de Navigation: Navigation lights: LED Lopolight, (sb, bb, fence, 3KL light and round white light)
Cartes, guides:Weather: Wetherinfobox,490, Synop decoder DWD.
Pilote automatique:
GPS: Easy TRX, Antenna: Easy Split antenna splitter- Interface: 1 x NMEA2000 - Ethernet - WiFi interface via PC
VHF: Garmin VHF200i, with external connection Garmin GHS 10i, NMEA2000
:The batteries are charged and power is inverted via a Swiss quality brand: Studer Xtender XTH 5000. This can handle 5 KVA (5000) and 8 KVA startup power. It can charge batteries. It has a UPS feature. It has two controlpanels. They contain simple and expert operation modes The VW engine has a 3 KVA 230V AC generator. This AC power is fed into the Studer inverter/charger. And into the boats installation. Together it can deliver more than enough power for the ship. There is a switchboard with for 230V system. There is a switchboard for the 24 VDC system. There is a switchboard for the 12 VDC navigational system. There is a fuse box with large fuses to the batteries, inverter/charger, liftkeel and switchboards.

Gréement et voiles
Type de voilure:Rod rigging
Nombre de mâts:1 Mast height m 20:00: Mast John Mast / Aluminium / 3 spreaders, keel stepped - Boom John Mast, single line reef system - Vang John Mast- Back stay tensioner Sailtec
Matériau gréement:Dyneema running rigging
Grand-voile: yes
Grand-voile enrouleur:slabreef
Génois:Harken rolreef
Foc enrouleur:
Gennaker:Gennakerpole Carbon mounted on deck
:Deck layout is safe and simple. All lines can be operated from the cockpit. The lines from the mast and boom go through the cabin roof. So you can stand save on the roof. Deck: • Ronstan tracks series 30. • Ronstan ball bearing travelers with control sheaves. • Ronstan ball bearing sheave for sheets. • Harken TD (through deck) furler. • Several pad eyes. • Two water tank openings. • One waste water tank opening. Mast: • All lines can be operated from the cockpit. • All halyards and lines from the boom go through Ronstan ball bearing sheaves. Cockpit, • All lines from the mast and boom have Spinlock clamps XCS and XX. • Winches, all winches are Anderson stainless steel types: • 2x Andersen 46ST • 2x Andersen 58ST • 2x Andersen 40ST • Ronstan track series 30. • Ronstan ball bearing main sheet traveler. • Ronstan ball bearing main sheet sheaves. • Spinlock engine control. • VW Marine engine control panel. • Lift keel control buttons. • Diesel tank openings. The sails are like the rest of the boat only used for short time. I have stopped sailing. Main: Custom Axis Laminate with batten, Zeilcategory: 3 Technora 60 m2. Full batten upgrade incl. battcars. three reefing points. Laminated radiale corners, clew, tack, head. Control lines in leech and foot. Jib High aspect with batten, Custom Axis Laminate, Zeilcategorie: 2 Technora. 37 m2. Tray dacron UV protection. Laminated radiale corners. Control lines in leech and foot. Genaker 150 m2. Stripper. Rig: Mast John mast, Denmark. Rod rigging with turnbuckles with bronze thread. Mast on keel. 3 spreader sets angle 15°. Mainboom with single line reef system. Rodkicker with boomlift. Dynema running rig. P:18,00M / E:5,80M / FH:17,00M / TOTAL LG:20,80M. Harken Furl system MKIV Unit 3 Furling Sys underdeck 3/4pin, Through Deck, single line operated from the cockpit. There are two extra backstays. They are not needed for this mast but just extra. There is a inner forestay. Never used but arrangement is there. The mainsail and jib are of high quality so they can handle heavy weather.

Ancre:Anchor Rocna, Floating Anchor
Garde-corps, balcont avant, balcon arrière:
Echelle de bain:
Pare-battage, amarres: Mooring lines & Fenders
:All deck blocks are from Ronstan, ballbearing and high quality. All winches are Anderson stainless steel. All line clamps are Spinlock.

Pompe de cale: Electric
Extincteur: Fire extinguisers
Dispositif MOB:horseshoe
Coffre à bouteille de gaz avec évent: yes

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Nom du courtier:Bach Yachting
Téléphone:+31(0)320 746 046

prix: € 169,000




13.30 m

Bach Yachting

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