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Sydney 32 OD - Prix ​​sur demande

The Sydney 32 One Design promotes the popularity of one-design racing in a yacht which the entire family can enjoy. Designed to be fast, exciting, easy to handle and seaworthy, the Sydney 32OD appeals to all ages and skill levels alike. Although its one-design classification suggests that this yacht was designed to race against identical hulls that conform to the same specification, the Sydney 32OD has also proven itself to be successful in IRC events. Whether competing in a class regatta, participating in a club race or enjoying en savoir plus a leisurely sail with friends, the Sydney 32OD is a rewarding yacht to sail. Its non-overlapping rig and its easy to use systems ensure operation is both effortless and simple, while the refined combination of its displacement and sail area provides confidence in its stability, without the need for a large number of crew. The Sydney 32OD maximises the use of available space. Its large open cockpit provides children and guests with an area that is safe and secure underway, yet comfortable for entertaining or merely enjoying the aquatic surrounds. Below deck, this yacht presents a spacious and comfortable interior unprecedented for a yacht of its size. A fully functioning galley, large saloon area and twin double berths provide the ideal yacht for a weekend away, while the navigation area and dedicated sail locker appeals to the racing owner. In support of the development of the class, the Sydney 32OD has its own One Design Class Association dedicated to promoting activities and coordinating regattas. Designed for the pure and simple pleasure of sailing, the Sydney 32 delivers outstanding performance and sailing characteristics that must be experienced.

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Prix:Prix ​​sur demande
Tirant d'eau variable:non
Longueur:9.68 m
Largeur:3.20 m
Tirant d'eau:2.05 m
Chantier naval:Sydney Yachts
Marquage CE:A a-ocean
Longueur de flottaison:865 cm
Déplacement (ton):3 ton 3100 (leeg) 4100 (vol)

Couchette:Couchette: 0 Couchette supplémentaire: 0 Couchette équipage: 0
Réservoir eau (l):150L

Moteur, électricité
Puissance (cv):18 pk
Carburant:diesel Diesel
Capacité réservoir fuel (litre):68 liter

Gréement et voiles
:Running Rigging 1 x Main halyard. 1 x Genoa halyard. 2 x Fractional spinnaker halyards. 1 x Topping lift. 2 x Mainsheet traveller lines. 2 x Spinnaker sheets. 2 x Spinnaker guys. 1 x Foreguy line. 2 x Genoa sheets. 2 x Jib car puller line. 1 x Mainsheet. 2 x Reef lines. 1 x Cunningham control line. 2 x Tweekers. 1 x Boom outhaul tackle.

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Prix ​​sur demande

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