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Elling E6 - Prix ​​sur demande

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Type:Bateau à moteur
Prix:Prix ​​sur demande
Tirant d'eau variable:non
Longueur:19.80 m
Largeur:5.35 m
Tirant d'eau:1.25 m
Description:The next generation is coming... Spring 2016.
Chantier naval:Neptune Marine Shipbuilding
Marquage CE:A
:Premium Dutch boat builder Neptune Marine Shipbuilding also releases its first drawings of the new Elling E6. This follows 17 years of research and development following the concept set by the tremendously successful Elling E3 and E4 models. Elling has developed a completely new Model: The Elling E6, which adds a new level of space and luxury to the high specifications already attained by this well proven concept. The most memorable new feature of the The Elling E6 is the increase in overall length to 65 ft. (19.80 meter) and the new elegant streamlined look. The other main features are: - CE category A – Ocean going - Safety of a lifeboat: Even self-righting in the event of an emergency - Aramid (Kevlar® or Twaron®) reinforced hull for extreme impact protection. - Very low fuel consumption at hull speed - Auxiliary engine with separate fuel tank to get home in case of main engine failure - Trans-Atlantic range - Maximum speed of 18 knots ( the power to avoid dangerous situations) - Low maintenance costs - Maximum noise level in the interior 70 dBA - 1,95 meter (6ft4) headroom in the interior - Extreme thermal insulation for use under extreme climate conditions - The “fly bridge” - feeling, thanks to a huge (pneumatically sealed) sliding roof. - Thanks to series production and standardization: an unrivalled price performance. - Maximum depth: 1.2 meter (4 ft.) with a keel-protected propeller for use in shallow waters. The New sleek and elegant Elling E6 will easily meet these criteria with more to spare. The huge pilot house will be fantastic, re-designed to give an “Outside” feeling as the extra length and beam will completely increase the the space in the pilot house. The increased living area in the pilot house will easily accommodate up-to eight people who can sit and relax in luxury with new comfortable seats. Separate from this living area, the pilot house offers two helm seats plus a double sofa offering comfortable space to four people around the helm position and keep the skipper company. As with the Elling E3 and E4, the Elling E6 has a second seating area in the privacy of the lower level, giving seating space to another group of 8 people. Neptune Marine expect the first Elling E6 to launch in May 2016.

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Moteur, électricité
:Main engine: Volvo Penta D13 6 cylinder 900 hp (670 kW) Diesel engine (max. speed 18 knots) Spare engine: Volvo Penta D 2 4 cylinder 75 hp ( 55 kW) Diesel engine (max speed 7 knots) Main Fuel tanks: 5.000 Liter Spare fuel tank: 200 Liter Drink water: 1.000 Liter Black water: 250 Liter

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Neptune Marine Shipbuilding
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Téléphone:+31(0)418 673103
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Prix ​​sur demande

New built yacht


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Neptune Marine Shipbuilding

+31(0)418 673103
mob: +31(0)6 55155127
fax: +31(0)418 673222

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Veerdam 1
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